Terms of purchase and payment of tickets for the Public Institution of Biokovo Nature Park

The purchase and payment of tickets via the website of the PUBLIC INSTITUTION OF BIOKOVO NATURE PARK (hereinafter: website) is possible only for Biokovo Nature Park (hereinafter: park) with which the company RAO d.o.o. has concluded a contract for the distribution and payment of tickets via the website.

Types of tickets

On the website, visitors may purchase standard entrance tickets according to the valid price list issued by the park.

At the time of purchasing entrance tickets on the website, the visitor reserves the timeslot for the vehicle (only if ticket includes a vehicle or van), and then selects the type and quantity of tickets they wish to purchase.

Use of the purchased tickets is subject to the terms and manner of using the park tickets (https://pp-biokovo.hr/hr/71/cjenik)

Issuing the invoice

The entrance ticket is not equivalent to the invoice, and an invoice is issued together with the purchased ticket.

The invoice and tickets will be sent to the registered e-mail address of the visitor.

If the visitor wishes to receive an R1 invoice, the visitor must enter the data required for issuance of an R1 invoice prior to confirmation of the order and payment. The visitor is responsible for the accuracy of all data entered at the time of purchase, and no subsequent changes are permitted.

Print@home tickets – receipt and use

Print@home is a service for printing tickets purchased via websites (Print@home tickets).

Every Print@home ticket contains a unique 1D bar code.

For each ticket, one Print@home ticket with one 1D bar code is printed.

Upon completing the purchase, the visitor is required to print out the purchased Print@home ticket and bring it with them to the park. If the visitor is not able to print the Print@home ticket, the visitor may also display the ticket on the screen of a smart phone.

Subsequent printing of the Print@home ticket at the park sales location is not possible.

Upon arriving at the park, the visitor is required to display the ticket to the park staff controlling entrance into the park, to validate and annul the Print@home ticket.

Any copying, distribution, transfer, publication or altercation of the Print@home ticket is not permitted!

If a duplicate of the Print@home ticket should appear, the right to enter and the validity of the ticket shall be given to the first person to present the Print@home ticket to the park staff responsible for controlling entrance to the park.

The visitor is responsible for printing and use of the Print@home ticket that they receive on the registered e-mail address after completion of the purchasing process on the website.

The park and the company RAO d.o.o. are not responsible for the appearance of duplicate Print@home tickets, or in the case of any other means of abuse of issued, paid or delivered Print@home tickets.

For all additional information about the park (hours of operation, points of interest, events, etc.) and about the types of tickets and their use, the visitor is directed to the official park website (www.pp-biokovo.hr)

Cancellation and/or replacement of purchased tickets

Every customer is able to terminate the agreement concluded outside the business premises or concluded remotely within 14 days. If the shop has not informed the customer of their rights to a unilateral termination of the contract, then the right of the consumer to a unilateral termination of the contract ceases upon the expiry of 12 months from the expiry of the 14-day deadline.

Every Print@home ticket purchased via the website becomes valid after the completion of the purchase procedure, i.e., upon delivery of the Confirmation of purchase and the issued receipt (each ticket states the exact date of start of validity of the ticket, as selected by the visitor).

If the Print@home ticket is not used, it cannot be returned for a refund. Tickets are non-refundable.

Questions, comments and complaints

All questions and requests for additional information concerning the website of the Public Institution of Biokovo Nature Park, and all requests, comments and complaints concerning the use of purchased tickets, may be sent to the e-mail: info@pp-biokovo.hr

All questions, comments and complaints concerning the functioning of the website for the sale of tickets can be: